Semester: 2020-2021 FALL


Fahd Jarad

Text Book

Partial Differential Equations with Mathematica, P. Kythe, P. Puri, M. R. Schaferkotter.

Catalogue Description

First order equations; linear, quasilinear, and nonlinear equations; classification of second order linear partial differential equations; canonical forms; the Cauchy problem for the wave equation; Laplace and heat equations.

Evaluation Criteria

Midterm (%20) x2

Quiz (% 20)

Final (% 40)

Exam Dates:

1st Midterm: Monday 17/11/2020 at 19:00.

2nd Midterm: Friday 15/12/2020 at 19:00.

Final: Tuesday 12.01.2021 10.00